Seminars for engineers and specialists

In this context we work in three areas

  • Creation of rapport, trust and competence as basis of each sales talk

  • By implementing the SUPER-question strategy engineers and specialists learn to maximize the value of their product features skillfully.

  • The reasoning of maximum customer benefit of the worked out solution

In B2B sales customers demand more and more special competency. Therefore more and more engineers and specialists change to sales. On the one hand high special competence has clearly positive influence on the sales conversation, still, especially highly trained salespeople have to be careful in  order not to focus to much on technical details turning the sales call into a consulting. Engineers and specialists have the great opportunity to work out perfect solutions for their customers because of their know-how and the ability of arguing their value for the customer. Therefore, a specific sales training for engineers and specialists is required.

The NeurAsell sales model

Our NeurAsell sales model is especially suitable in this context as its influence on sales results  works best exactly for complex products and services. Especially sales engineers and specialists can increase their persuasiveness by using the NeuAsell sales model significantly.


Die SUPER-Fragestrategie lernen Ingenieure und Fachexperten den Wert ihrer Produktmerkmale geschickt zu maximieren.

Development Programs

SixWeeks Salesexpert

Within six weeks from specialist to sales expert

Engineers and specialists learn to increase their persuasiveness significantly in this training program with existing customers as well as with new customers. They learn to maximize the value of their product and services by implementing the NeurAsell method.

The program is executed as blended individual training in order to accomplish maximum improvement of sales performance within a short period of time.

Certified Sales engineer

Becoming certified sales engineer or sales expert within six months

Among other things your employees learn strategic market cultivation, acquisition of new customers, cross-selling as well as UP-selling, ideal complaint management and negotiation with purchase professionals.

The program is implemented as blended individual training with several frontal training courses, Skype individual and group training courses.

Our training methods

Blended individual Training

100% Individual

At our Sales Potencial Analysis we determine strengths and weaknesses in sales behavior, and then train each salesperson individually, according to content as well as duration of training. Therefore, each participant will be able to live up to their full potential.

100% Practice

We work using concrete practical examples, which we work out in cooperation with our customers. This way, a perfect training result is accomplished and the sales results of salespeople are improved immediately.


By combining sales and video training sustainable anchoring of acquired knowledge is accomplished, which in turn leads to significant growth in revenue.


In our development plan we document continuously how the sales skills of  sales people are improving. According to previously defined sales performance indicators we measure the increase in sales performance.

Cost Efficient

The required time investment at BIT is at approx. 20 percent of a regular sales training. The cost-savings of BIT  in comparison to frontal training is 50 percent.

Verkaufstrainings die Effektivität 

und Effizienz vereinen

By using the NeurAsell© concept salespeople can generate rapport faster as well as convey trust and competence. They make the customer question their existing solutions and argue more convincingly. Thus getting more appointments and higher closing rates in sales calls.


The Neurasell Sales Model had been developed throughout a research period of ten years, based on the analysis of 1,000 sales calls and  meta analysis of 38 international sales studies.

Tried and Tested

Throughout the past 20 years more than 18,000 sales professionals have participated in our sales training courses. Salespeople from Europe, US and China have been using the Neurasell Sales Model successfully. Many of our clients have been able increase their revenue significantly.

Product specific 

We define together with you the influence of rapport, trust and competence on the purchase decision of your customer. Which customer issues your product/service addresses best. We develop a made-to-measure question strategy for ideal reasoning.


We work with all sales representatives on their ability to build up rapport, trust and competence. We improve there customer analyses and increase their power of persuasion. 

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