Thomas Aringer  - Head of HR Development Telekom Austria AG

“Mr. Angerbauer was active at the development of sales for Telekom Austria. As project leader and trainer he was responsible for the conception and implementation of training courses for sales representatives and sales executives. He developed hundreds of B2B sales representatives to being successful professionals. His work was rated as excellent by course participants without exception.

He excels as a trainer mostly because of high professional competency, practical relevance and his ability to pass his enthusiasm for sales on to the participants.“


Mag. Peter Knor  - managing director VELUX Austria GmbH

Since September 2000 Mr. Angerbauer has led us competently through an organizational development process to a team organization.

The process was characterized by of a comprehensive situational and cultural  analysis, establishment of working groups, sales training courses and a continuous evaluation of results.

The accomplished training courses were rated as truly positive by department leaders and participants without exception. We are especially glad for the concept, worked out in cooperation with Mr. Angerbauer as well as the accomplished measures, to have contributed to our being awarded the 2nd prize at the Austrian KnewLEDGE competition for staff development in 2002.


Paul Doherty | Vice President Sales - Europe | SDL 

"Dear Klaus Angerbauer 

I was just going over the notes I made from your sales training last week and I thought I would drop you a line to say thank-you for the very interesting and practical training you gave me and my sales team.

I found the whole approach of changing the customer’s way of thinking by asking questions which bring him to a level of dissatisfaction sufficient to want him to take action easy to understand (if not always easy to do). I also liked your insistence that all competitors are not equal and that USPs have a situational value depending on the customer’s needs at a particular time. My favourite take-away from the many wise things you said is “The more the customer talks, the more you are selling”. I couldn’t agree more.

Thank-you once again and my best wishes to you for the future."


Günther Geuze  -   Head of HR Ulmer GmbH

“For Ulmer transfer security (implementation into practice) is a significant element of our training measures. We have in reality customers we could achieve increase in turnover with, only after three months after the practical implementation of the seminar's content.

With Klaus we have a top-trainer for sales development within our ranks. His personal sales experience really pulls through. By his remarkably refreshing manner he keeps all participants“ engaged at all time.


Alfred Steingress  -  Head of Sales VELUX 

“In seven years we have become market leader in our business. We were able to implement our distribution development measures directly into sales success. They provide ideas immediately applicable in practice and enormously motivational for our sales team.“  


Christian Deutschbauer -  Geschäftsführer Blue Dolphin GmbH

"Over the last 7 years we became market leader in our business.

Our sales development measures we could directly turn in to market sucess. Angerbauer and partner delivers knowledge that can be immediatly put in to practies and motivate sales force enormorous“ 


Sascha Taube - managing director 

Taube Digitale Archivierungssyteme GmbH 

“Dear Mr. Angerbauer


I have been able to implement a lot of the training content and could already get some orders. Thanks a lot again for everything.“


Eveline Gahr    -   Head of  Customer Service VELUX  GmbH

“We have been able to increase our revenue in targeted areas by 100 percent in comparison to last year.“


Guntram Weissenberger – CEO The Westover Companies (USA) 

“This year we had tremendous improvement in the sales skills of our rental managers and the performance indicators we developed with you are a helpful tool to lead the sales staff.” 


Jürgen Sulzberger  Regional Sales Manager GLS

“We have been able to increase our revenue in targeted areas by 100 percent in comparison to last year."

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