Sales development

We take care of growth

The aim of our sales development measures is always an increase of sales result. Revenue growth means for us always the individual growth of each sales person. Therefore, we analyze potentials and maximize your persuasiveness thus increasing the sales performance of your whole team on the long term.

Sales Performance Improvement

We see our mission in increasing your sales success on the long term.

The performance improvement approach relates to the principle that behavior patterns within an organization can only be changed on the long term if they are considered within the complete system.

We analyze within the framework of a baseline survey the areas where the biggest potentials for an improvement  of sales performance exist.

Then we work out a program for ideal development of your sales organization's sales performance.

Best Practice

Europe-wide operating logistics concern:

The number of new customers could be increased to 148 percent within a year.  

How to significantly increase the performance of your sales team

Sales potential analysis

In our sales potential analysis we look at the sales abilities, processes and motivation of your salespeople and the influence of the organization in these areas. This holistic approach is eventually the reason we can accomplish significant and sustainable growth of revenue.

New customers & cross-selling

We design customer processing strategies. We analyze cross-selling and up-selling potentials at existing customers. For acquisition of new customers we design the most efficient strategy for you. From targeting to generation of leads to follow-up of offers.


Blended Individual Training

Effectiveness and efficiency by alternating frontal- and video training 


We work with specific practical examples which we work out in cooperation with our customers. Thereby we accomplish the ideal training result and the sales results of the salesperson are immediately improving.


Measuring of success

We define SPI Sales Performance Indicators we measure the development of the salesperson by. 

The improvement of the sales performance is documented in a development plan. Thus our customers see the progress of of the development process in real-time. The increase of sales performance is measured in a sales performance report.




In our sales potential analysis we measure three substantial influences on sales performance. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation of the salesperson, design of the sales process from the organization's  and the individual salesperson's end,  as well as the individual sales abilities of the sales team. Thus we can work on those aspects having the biggest impact on sales performance.

We consult you on which processes can be optimized and which organizational measures the motivation of the salespeople can be increased by.

Sales Potential Analyses makes our sales training courses more effective and cost efficient 

This holistic approach is eventually the reason  for our customers being able to achieve a significant and sustainable revenue growth.


Development potential inside the company

Programs for further development

Satisfaction with system of remuneration

Bonus and incentive regulations


Instruments of distribution control



Motivational and inhibiting factors


Identification with company

Identification with product


Generating of leads

Offer management

Customer relationship management

Complaint management

Measurement of sales performance



Selection of targeted customers

Acquisition of new customers

Follow-up of offers

Cross-selling and up-selling

Planning of customer visits and itineray

Complaint management









Conveying of trust and competence

Customer analysis



Making agreements

Strategy for  existing customers

Cross Selling & UP Selling

More turnover is most efficiently generated by tapping into the potential of existing customers.


We define who of your customers has the highest up-selling and cross-selling potentials.


Subsequently, we design a strategy for exploiting untapped customer potential and train your customers how to analyze their existing customers best and how to argue their solutions.

New customer strategy



The acquisition of new customers certainly poses the biggest challenge, but is also the biggest chance for your growth.


We determine together the most promising target customers and work out strategies in order to win leads.


We train your inside sales team as well as your field reps in cold calling.


We offer trade fair training courses for ideal first approaching of customers. Through intensive training of ability of customer analysis and increase of persuasiveness, your salespeople accomplish significantly higher closing rates.

From target customer to customer 

Sales Training

As pure sales specialists and in order to guarantee a significant improvement of your a sales organization's performance, we offer a great variety of topics in relation to sales development measures. Thus we can ensure that your sales organization develops exactly where there are most effects on your sales results.

Sales training topics

We offer you training courses for head of sales, coaching for head of sales, key account training, training for sales representatives, trade fair training courses, training on the job, both for inside and outside sales team, as well as training courses for cold

Training methodology

We often asked ourselves, how to unite effectiveness and efficiency. The answer is our Blended Individual Training. A sales training alternating between frontal training and video training where salespeople are developed on the basis of potential analysis individually.

Blended individual Training

100% Individual

At our Sales Potencial Analysis we determine strengths and weaknesses in sales behavior, and then train each salesperson individually, according to content as well as duration of training. Therefore, each participant will be able to live up to their full potential.

100% Practice

We work using concrete practical examples, which we work out in cooperation with our customers. This way, a perfect training result is accomplished and the sales results of salespeople are improved immediately.


By combining sales and video training sustainable anchoring of acquired knowledge is accomplished, which in turn leads to significant growth in revenue.


In our development plan we document continuously how the sales skills of  sales people are improving. According to previously defined sales performance indicators we measure the increase in sales performance.

Cost Efficient

The required time investment at BIT is at approx. 20 percent of a regular sales training. The cost-savings of BIT  in comparison to frontal training is 50 percent.

Modules designed individually for each sales representative take care of long term development

A scientific sales method for more persuasiveness.



By using the NeurAsell© concept salespeople can generate rapport faster as well as convey trust and competence. They make the customer question their existing solutions and argue more convincingly. Thus getting more appointments and higher closing rates in sales calls.


The Neurasell Sales Model had been developed throughout a research period of ten years, based on the analysis of 1,000 sales calls and  meta analysis of 38 international sales studies.

Tried and Tested

Throughout the past 20 years more than 18,000 sales professionals have participated in our sales training courses. Salespeople from Europe, US and China have been using the Neurasell Sales Model successfully. Many of our clients have been able increase their revenue significantly.

Product specific 

We define together with you the influence of rapport, trust and competence on the purchase decision of your customer. Which customer issues your product/service addresses best. We develop a made-to-measure question strategy for ideal reasoning.


We work with all sales representatives on their ability to build up rapport, trust and competence. We improve there customer analyses and increase their power of persuasion. 

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