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Blended individual Training

We go deeper,

analyse the potential of your sales reps

 increase their sales performance and

measure the improvement




Ø 1.378

20 years


19 Countries

9 languages

our success 

is the success of our clients


 Paul Doherty 

Vice President Sales Europe


I found the whole approach of changing the customer’s way of thinking by asking questions which bring him to a level of dissatisfaction sufficient to want him to take action easy to understand (if not always easy to do). I also liked your insistence that all competitors are not equal and that USPs have a situational value depending on the customer’s needs at a particular time.

Guntram Weissenberger


The Westover Companies (US)

“This year we had tremendous improvement in the sales skills of our rental managers and the performance indicators we developed with you are a helpful tool to lead the sales staff.” 

Jürgen Sulzberger  

Regional Sales Manager

GLS Logistics

Over the last years we implemented a  sales development program for our sales representatives.We executed several workshops, sales trainings and coaching on the job. By using your systemic training approach we could develop the sales performance of all our sales representatives enormourose and above all we could encrease the quantity of parcels with new customers very much. 

We Achieve Growth

of  people and  companies

Achieving Growth

The objective of Angerbauer & Partner's marketing development measures is always an increase of sales results. For us turnover growth is always related to the individual growth of each salesperson. Therefore, we analyze untapped potentials, maximize persuasiveness and, at the same time, are increasing the long term performance of your sales team.

Angerbauer Verkaufstrainer

Tried and Tested

Throughout the past 20 years more than 18,000 sales professionals have participated in our sales training courses. Salespeople from Europe, US and China have been using the Neurasell Sales Model successfully. Many of our clients have been able increase their revenue significantly.


The Neurasell Sales Model had been developed throughout a research period of ten years, based on the analysis of 1,000 sales calls and  meta analysis of 38 international sales studies.


In our development plan we document continuously how the sales skills of  sales people are improving. According to previously defined sales performance indicators we measure the increase in sales performance.

100% Individual

At our Blended Individual Training we determine strengths and weaknesses in sales behavior, and then train each salesperson individually, according to content as well as duration of training. Therefore, each participant will be able to live up to their full potential.

100% Practice

We work using concrete practical examples, which we work out in cooperation with our customers. This way, a perfect training result is accomplished and the sales results of salespeople are improved immediately.


By combining sales and video training sustainable anchoring of acquired knowledge is accomplished, which in turn leads to significant growth in revenue.

Cost Efficient

The required time investment at BIT is at approx. 20 percent of a regular sales training. The cost-savings of BIT  in comparison to frontal training is 50 percent.

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