The base of your negotiation strategy is the realistic evaluation of one's own negtiation position and the negotation position of one's counterpart. In this context we take advantage of different available information sources. Furthermore, we work with several negotiation targets, which can be adapted to a dynamic situation. We prepare in advance several options in terms of concessions. We analyze those in advance, according to their effect on their contribution margin. We prepare objective criteria which can be implemented during the negotiation. We define a suitable negotiation style according to a negotiation matrix.

Negotiation strategy

We train salespeople to establish a strong negotiation position in a self-confident way. Furthermore, salespeople learn to interpret the body language of the negotiation partner insofar as to being able to detect hints regarding their real negotiation position. We highlight empathy and common interests with the counterpart. At the same time, own reasoning always remains factual and possibly free of mutual concessions. Intensive preparation contributes to an implementation of different options according to individual situations.

  psychology of a Negotiation

In B2B-sales negotiation plays an important role. From the purchaser's end, there are mostly professionals, trained in special negotiation courses, demanding high discounts. Unnecessesarily granted discounts diminish profit margins.

Therefore, negotioation skills play a specific role in sales. We train salespeople, therefore, not only in negotiation strategy, but also in sales psychology. Aim of our sales-training is to work out an ideal negotiation strategy and to apply it correctly in  real-life situationa according to sales psychology.

Negotiation training

Strategy & Psychology

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