Blended Individual Training

A sales training taking turns between frontal training and video training  and where, on the basis of potential analysis, salespeople are developed individually.

At our sales potential analysis we measure strengths, weaknesses and development areas of your salespeople. Then we train them individually, not only related to the training contents but also in terms of duration of training.


At Sky Individual Training courses we measure improvement throughout the course of the training and document it in a development plan. Thus you see the development process in real-time.

In Sky group training courses inputs relating to palpable real life cases are given. The combination of frontal training and Sky training guarantees the ideal relation between theory input and training of 1 : 6 which results in a sustainable anchoring of the acquired knowledge.

Thus a long term change of behavior is implemented leading to significant increase in revenue.

Best Practice

World leader in heavy engineering

An average of 90 percent of training contents were still applied by salespeople after one year of completing the training program.

How to achieve a sustainable behavior change

4.SKY Individual Training

Sales simulations of practical examples by video training, documented by development plans.

Thus accomplishment of long-term change in behavior, leading to significant revenue growth.

3.SKY Group Training 

Are video short courses of 1 – 3 hours duration, implemented in order to convey very specific practical abilities by short theory inputs which subsequently are consolidated in Sky Individual Training courses.

2.NeurAsell Basic Training

Provides the basics in order to be able to lead successful sales calls. The content of the sales training are investigated during Sales Potential Analysis. Thus each participant joins the training with very specific aims.

1.Potential Analysis

We measure the three main factors influencing sales performance. Thus each salesperson can develop individually in areas increasing their sales performance.


Sales Potential Analysis



motivating factors

insecurity and fear

identification with company

identification with product


creation of rapport

trust and competence

analysis of customer



reaching agreements


targeted customer selection

acquisition of new customers

follow-up of offers

cross-selling and up-selling

planning of customer visit and itinerary

complaint management

We measure three substantial influences on sales performance. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation of the salespeople, the design of the sales processes in terms of organization and the sales individual, as well as the personal sales skills of the sales representatives.Thus we can focus on working on aspects having the highest influence on sales performance.

We consult you on which processes can be optimized and which organizational implementations the motivation of the salesperson can be increased by. By Sales Potential Analysis our sales training courses get more effective and cost efficient.

This holistic approach is eventually the reason why we can accomplish significant and sustainable increase in revenue.


The Neurasell Sales Model had been developed throughout a research period of ten years, based on the analysis of 1,000 sales calls and  meta analysis of 38 international sales studies.

Tested in practice

Throughout the past 20 years more than 18,000 sales professionals have participated in our sales training courses. Salespeople from Europe, US and China have been using the Neurasell Sales Model successfully. Many of our clients have been able increase their revenue significantly.



We work with all sales representatives on their ability to build up rapport, trust and competence. We improve there customer analyses and increase their power of persuasion. 

The NeurAsell basic training provides the basics in order to be able to lead successful sales talks on the marketplace.  The contents of the sales training will identified in the Sales Potential Analysis as well as in conversations with the sales management. Thus each participants joins the training with specific aims.


NeurAsell sales model

The basis of our sales approach is the NeurAsell sales model. By using the NeurAsell concept, salespeople can create rapport with the customer faster, convey trust and competence, question the existing solutions of the customer and  negotiate more persuasively. This leads to more appointments as well as higher closing rates in sales calls.


NeurAsell Basic training


SKY Individual Training

Are highly efficient video training courses practicing specific practical examples.


In order to establish new behavior patterns an intensive training of the new knowledge is required.

The perfect ratio in this context is 15 percent theoretical input and 85 percent practical training.


The SIT can be integrated by salespeople into their everyday work life as it can be executed on different end devices. Thus the salesperson can do their exercises also when on the road. And it is also possible to do the exercises at home.


The improvement is documented in development forms by the SKY trainer. We measure how many percent of the maximum added value salespeople are able to generate in the customer. These improvements are documented in a development plan. Thus enabling our customers to see the progress of the development process in real-time.


SKY Group Training

In SKY group training courses theoretical inputs are conveyed which are oriented specifically on the practical work of the participant. Mostly it is about questions around the every day of the salesperson specific solutions will be worked out for, and then presented to the participants as alternative action plan.


The SGT are possible for mini groups starting from three participants, but also for bigger groups.

The advantages of SGT consists of shorter turnaround time as to specific problem scenarios on the marketplace as SGT can be adjusted spontaneously with the participants.

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